Company Introduction



Shenzhen Maigesong Electrical Technology Co.,Ltd




The company is committed to the design and development of embedded battery control system, adding micro control device on the lithium-ion cell, real-time detection and control of voltage, current, temperature and other input and output characteristics, greatly improving the safety, and constant voltage output, turning the cell into a standard power supply that can be used directly. The standard power supply works independently, so it can be used alone or freely in series and parallel combination, and there is no consistency requirement for the monomer, which opens up a new technical paradigm for lithium-ion batteries.
The company currently produces and sells standardized battery products to upgrade and replace standardized NiMH batteries such as AA/AAA/CR123A/CR2/6F22D, alkaline zinc manganese batteries, carbon batteries, primary lithium batteries and other general domestic and commercial battery products.The product uses the composite structure of lithium-ion core mosaic controller, which has high capacity, charging, high power, constant voltage output, external characteristics of the product, discharge characteristics fully conform to the standard of IEC60086-2, GB/T8897.2 for standardized batteries, safety meets the relevant standards of GB31241, IEC62133, and is completely compatible with the corresponding products on the market, the advanced combination of lithium ion core chemical system and standardized battery is the perfect combination.
The company provides customers with products or key parts and intellectual property rights authorization in the form of ODM or SKD, and carries out a full range of technical support and supporting services.

Development History
2011: Started the research and development of MILBEP® battery technology and applied for the first edition of MILBEP® battery patent.
2012: MILBEP® battery principle and test technology research and development, system simulation verification test.
2013: Research and development of MILBEP® battery system integration technology and special chip, and applied for the second edition patent.
2015: The first generation MILBEP® battery was put into production, the enterprise standard was put on record, and the product was put into trial production and sale.
2016: The second MILBEP® battery is put into operation and it is declared patent of the United States, Europe, Japan and Korea.
2017: The third generation MILBEP® battery was put into production and passed the standards of China, the United States and the European Union.
2018: A round of equity financing, patent licensing in China, the United States, the European Union, Japan and South Korea.
2019: The fourth generation MILBEP® battery was put into production and applied for the third edition battery patent.
2020: The fifth generation products are put into production and applied for relevant patents.