Core Technology


The development of embedded battery control system involves power chip, working circuit, precision structure, cell characteristics and other fields, its needs to complete energy conversion, voltage modulation, safety control and other functions in a narrow space, which can only be realized by high integration based on integrated design. The company has the design capability of special chip, has a complete technology team integrating multiple fields, and designs products according to the principle of standardized development to ensure the standardization and safety of products, and has complete technical intellectual property rights, and has obtained many domestic and foreign patents.



Intellectual Property Right


Maigesong company is the pioneer of this product. It has complete product and intellectual property rights, and has completely independent intellectual property rights. It has made patent layout for the future technical route.


Authorized Application in Progress
Chinese Inventions : 4 PCT:1
Overseas Inventions : 5 Chinese Inventions : 9




System Certification